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Endorsed & used by two of America's leading entrepreneurial dentists, Dr. Craig Spodak and Dr. Peter Boulden.

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80% of a Company's Challenges are People Related

Regardless of your business or industry, most of the issues your leadership team must address on a daily basis involve the attitudes, motivations, decisions, and actions of people. This means your most important resource may also be the largest variable in your P&L statement. The most successful companies are those that don’t shy away from this reality.

Your Core Business Stragedy Requires People to Execute

As a matter of fact, the core strategy behind every successful company is grounded in people – managing and communicating with people effectively; getting the best out of people consistently; achieving goals day after day; having the right FIT for every role. You have heard it before -- as Jim Collins said in Good to Great, great companies get "the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats."

While all that sounds straightforward, getting these results requires the insights into the inner workings of all those stakeholders along with the ability to accurately predict and influence human responses.

Leverage Your People Intentionally

Insights into your team's inner workings is where Culture Index stands above all other talent development platforms and personality and behavior inventories. We are so much more than assessments commonly used as a hiring and human resources tool. So much so that your investment in Culture Index carries with it access to decades of deep experience in designing, building, managing, and motivating effective teams to win — producing winning companies. The critical aspect of that investment is a program developed over decades by industry experts, led by you and your leadership team, and supported intensively by one of Culture Index's Executive Advisors — recognized industry experts in the fields of leadership development and talent management.

The Culture Index system enables you to gain unrivaled leverage from your people's strengths. When your company commits to it, Culture Index provides the blueprint for fostering a culture that creates a tightly connected team — a team that knows how to communicate and interact to bring out the best from every person. Achieving this makes your company unstoppable.

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